Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Grandad Idol

Grandparents play a special role in every family but I have noticed recently the special bond between R and his Granddad that just gets more magical every time they are together.

Sadly for my kids they will only ever have one Granddad but Mr L senior seems to fit the shoes (or should I say, slippers) perfectly. I look up to him as my own Dad now but there’s something about Granddad that R finds captivating.

R has always been curious about Granddads interests and hobbies and as he’s getting older it seems EVERYTHING Granddad does, R is interested in too, from Sports to Stamps! They’re like 2 peas in a pod born in different era’s.

A recent example is that R  had taken a sudden disliking to Peas, so the other night I changed the name of them to ‘Make you strong like Granddad green balls’. He wolfed them down so quick he was finished his dinner before me which is quite rare and another night I did Green Beans which I knew he wasn’t that keen on, but told him ‘They’ll make you strong like Granddad’ and he polished them off within 10 seconds and asked for more!!
The truth is, as much as I know R idolises Granddad, Granddad idolises R just as much.


  1. Lovely! We are lucky that my kids are close to my mum and dad. It's a very special relationship. Love the photo.

  2. Such a lovely post! Can I refer to it in my own blog, please?!

  3. Thank you. Of course you may Helene x

  4. Thank you. Of course you may Helene x