Saturday, 29 September 2012

Creative Me

Even though I tried my very best at school to get it right I was rubbish at Textile Technology and during my time preparing for my GCSE I managed to (badly) make a bag which I unpicked so many times it took me about 6 months to complete. So while the rest of the class was speeding along with their other projects I was correcting something which turned out to be a total flop. A Tartan record bag with cardboard lining and a wonky pocket.

So, about a year ago I was asked if I’d like a sewing machine. At first I was skeptical if I would ever use it but I gratefully accepted and I even asked for a few starter bits for my following birthday and after some practice I have made something I am very proud of. It may only seem minor and very easy to the advanced seamstress but I to me it’s perfect because it’s straight around the edges, square and my hems are neat. 

My gallant effort has spurred me on and I have now started making some bunting for my DD’s bedroom. Although my sewing is a long way off perfect and the Unpicker is still my best friend, I have come a long way from getting tangled in the school classroom machines!

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