Saturday, 14 July 2012

Witham Carnival..Dampened and Deflated!

The weather was pretty rubbish today but it certainly didn't stop half of Witham turning out for the annual Carnival which always has high expectations and today I can't help but think I'm not the only one feeling quite let down.

It was advertised that the procession started from the Football Club at 1:30 which is fine but its a good 10 minute walk from there to the high street where most people (including us) had turned out so see it. So we waited in the awful weather for what seemed like an eternity, the rain kept appearing so up went my hood and everytie it stopped again, my hood went down. Up and down like a happy yoyo for a good 20 minutes then finally a glimmer of a Police car's flashing lights appeared round the bend in the distance!!

E had given up by now and was flat out in the buggy but R was getting quite excited of people gathering, blowing whistles, drum beats in the distance, people selling not so official merchandise, lots of colourful floats and music........but we were greeted with at least 20 Carnival Queens, a good 30% were from places I've never heard of. 2 floats (The local Rugby Club and Brownies made an effort at least!), 1 brass band, a few Majorette troupes, 3 fire engines (one Vintage one, representing the Witham Round Table, advertising the Fireworks display which is in November!!!) and what I thought was a group of people lost in random cars but I found out after they were part of a local church group!

It went on for about 25 minutes, mostly delayed because the fire engines kept stopping to let kids on and off and apart from a police car slowing traffic behind it, you'd never have known it had come to an end.

SO, I propose this. Next year I want to see A LOT more effort from the Witham Community. What happened to the Childrens centres, Local dance groups, Football clubs, Schools, Nurseries, Playgroups, Zumba (and the like) fitness classes, diet club classes and local businesses that do community based work.

I have so many ideas running around in my head, I should join the Organising Commitee. I am definitely getting a float of some description though. One thing is for sure.... I won't let this happen again!!


  1. you go girl!! they obviously need a bit of new blood x

  2. Did you go into the park and see what was on offer there? If so, what did you think?

  3. Also - I helped out with the brownies float and we had fun. BUT, as usual it is always the same people helping out - unfortunately nowadays people are happy to stand and watch then moan about lack of support/entries, but can't be bothered to help out and actually make the effort. I hope that you can persuade some more local organisations to join in next year!!

  4. No we were wet and R was moaning he was hungry so we just came home! There were a few things scheduled for the Park arena but no idea if they went ahead

  5. Everything went ahead in the park, there was the choir, dog agility and some other bits