Tuesday, 10 July 2012

To Grey or not to Grey?

So, ALL of my friends are talking about the '50 Shades of Grey' triliogy, and I admit I am curious purely because I like a bit of bedtime reading but I have hit back. I refuse to be a sheep and follow the world in what is becoming the fastest reading competition I have ever known.

Is it really as good as they say?

My friends in the real world are all raving about it but I have read mixed reviews from my Twitter buddies. Apparently, (according to my friend MAABOF) its not all about the 'Sex', she explains Mr Grey as being very troubled and the sex is only a small part of it. Whereas, @hollywills has described it as badly written.

Only because I like to be a bit different, in total spite of the craze that is going on in the world around me I have dug in my heels and purposly rented a book out of the library entitled 'Before I Die' which is about a teenage girl with Cancer, a complete contrast to the world I believe Mr Grey lives in!

So, will I read it??????.....mmmmm.....Maybe......you'll have to check back with me in a few months to see if I could resist the urge and fall under Mr Grey's spell!


  1. The thing with the 50 shades books is that they are very addictive and as more unfolds about Mr Grey's past the more you want to turn the page to read the next instalment.....

  2. well i wasnt really into book 1.. all the lip biting and inner godess stuff got on my nips.. but book 2 and 3 were very exciting once the story started unfolding and grey's past starts coming out, but TBH i ended up skipping over the sex bits as they just got in the way of the story.. i didnt really find it titivating in that way and i was disappointed with the ending, she may as well have just written "and they all lived happily ever after in their castle in the clouds with all the fluffy wuffy kittens and bunnies playing round their feet".. pass the sick bucket.. but overall i was glad i read them...

  3. Its on my list to read but gnna read other books first :)