Saturday, 1 December 2012

I've commited a crime!!

Yesterday I found myself doing something I swore (as a Mum) I would never do!! I commited the ultimate Mum crime.....I carried a scooter to school so my DS could ride it home.

I am all for kids getting to school and home again quickly, especially as in the last few days where the temperature has dropped considerably. But I made myself a promise way before I had kids that I would NEVER carry a childs toy when they got fed up with riding/pushing it in the street.

Mr L and I laughed about this a lot before we had kids. He always said he would expect weekly calls from our local supermarket go to and collect the array of toys belonging to us which had been abandoned because I would refuse to carry them home when the kids got tired of carrying them themselves.

BUT....without thinking I opened the garage door, took out R's scooter and carried over my shoulder the 10/15 minute walk to R's school just so he could have a little fun on the way home.

I must have been feeling VERY generous this day because E was in tow walking her baby pram, and she walks slower that a snail stuck in glue!

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  1. I used to say the same thing until I had my little one! Now it's TOTALLY worth getting her home quicker!