Saturday, 6 October 2012

Autumn Cooking

You know its Autumn in my house when my slow cooker comes out of the cupboard and gets a dusting off ready for plenty of use in the coming months. Autumn is my favorite time of year; Crisp fresh mornings, Cosy evenings in, Multicoloured leaves, Fluffy Slippers, Comfy cardigans and Stews & Casseroles for dinner.

The slow cooker becomes my best friend and the main reason I love it to much is because you can throw everything in, leave it to cook for 8 hours and enjoy a delicious/healthy family meal. Here are a few of my favorites -

Beef & Ale Stew (courtesy of Jamie Oliver)

Somerset Pork Casserole – from a Swartz packet mix

Sausage and Bean Casserole
·        Brown 12 sausages in a frying pan and put at bottom of slow cooker
·        Add 2 chopped large onions, 2 sliced carrots and 2 sliced sticks of celery
·        Stir in can of baked beans, can of haricot beans and kidney beans
·        In a saucepan add 6 roughly chopped large potatoes, season and bring to boil, drain and then add to slow cooker
·        Add  ¾ pt of Vegetable stock
·        Slow cook on ‘high’ for approx 4 hours
·        Serve with green vegetables
And enjoy!

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  1. mmm have always considered buying one as Autumn is also my fav season for all the reasons you said. Somehow I cant see the advanatage of a slow cooker over a casserole in the oven with timer set to switch on and off automatically. However please tell me why I should buy one to be as im always up fora kitchen purchase :)